Doonan Realty Group Highlight

Doonan Realty Group Highlight

Meet Houston Residential Advisors

Houston Residential Advisors is a full-service firm that places relationships above transactions, advising above selling, and listening above talking. We’re loyal to our clients, not specific neighborhoods, and we’re humbled and honored to help you write your richly woven story.

Houston Residential Advisors is the product of co-founders Drew and Patti Doonan’s vision. Their ingrained fiduciary responsibility stemming from their financial background means they never think twice about prioritizing clients’ interests. The pair guides our team with their exhaustive skill set and abundance-driven mindset to elevate our industry beyond buying and selling properties. By stressing innovation, consumer advocacy, leadership, creation, and enrichment, we are passionate about setting new standards that will become fixtures of the real estate landscape.

Specializing in the Houston area, our stellar reputation has secured us numerous referral clients, and we frequently assist the same client with multiple deals. Transactions are secondary to those we represent, but we’re not opposed to self-competition and have proudly set our own records in different markets.

Whether we’re helping you in your search for your forever home or maximizing value in the sale of your property, by aligning our strategies with your vision, we’ve proven time and again that anything is possible.

Buyer | Seller
A full service and then some Real Estate Agent. Made sure all “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed. Made sure all Q’s were answered with every step of the process including inspections. Also, made sure all relevant Q’s were asked. Stayed on top of the process through Title and Mortgage to ensure no surprises ahead of closing. It could have not been simpler for me, a pleasant surprise given my strong A-Type per...

— Buyer | Seller

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